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I have always been the kind of person who loves organization, which is why inheriting a bunch of items from a long lost aunt was really difficult for me. I realized that I couldn't part with things, but I knew that I had to store things in a smart way if I wanted to have enough room. I started going through things, nesting boxes, and working on a viable solution, and before I knew it, things were really coming together. I wanted to start a blog for people who need help storing things, so that you can get the advice you need.


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Need To Move In Winter Time? 5 Ways To Make It Work

Most people try to avoid moving their household in the harsh winter months. But it may not always be avoidable. If you're in the position of having to uproot and transfer your home even in bad weather, here are five ways you can make the best of it.

1. Keep Winter Supplies Handy

Often, packing up bulky and lesser-used items like winter coats and boots is one of the first things homeowners do. When moving in the cold season, do the opposite. Place winter items out of the way but in a separate location stored together. This will not only allow you to access them easily as you pack but also make it easier to place them in a box at the end of the process if necessary. 

2. Dress in Layers

When working hard in the cold, you may need to start out dressed for snow or wind. As you work, you likely will want to dress in layers so you can put on and take off outer layers as needed. Regulate your body temperature and try to avoid spending a lot of time in the truck or with the house door open. Take turns in shifts during particularly bad weather. 

3. Recruit Some Help

Winter moves call for having extra help so you can keep the process moving as quickly as possible. Ask friends and family as soon as possible to help not only with the actual day of moving but also with outdoor tasks like preparing mobile landscape items and clearing out sheds or the garage. You may want to work with a professional moving service who can take the burden off you during the worst weather. 

4. Keep Things Clean

Have a lot of towels, sheets, and rags handy to help keep yourselves and your belongings cleaner. Wipe down items as they enter the moving truck and again as they enter your new home. Have volunteers ready to help dry off or clean furnishings as they enter the house. 

You may also want to place sheets, tarps, or plastic runners in both houses to help protect floors from wet boots and muddy tracks. 

5. Be Flexible on Timetables

You can't predict the weather, so you may need to be a little flexible when it comes to your time frames. If your moving truck may be delayed by winter weather, prepare a suitcase for each family member and pet as well as a few boxes with household goods traveling in your own vehicle. If weather is likely to be bad on parts of your route, consider renting a truck for an extra day or getting a hotel to prevent you from taking any risks by driving.

While moving to a new home during winter isn't ideal, put these suggestions into place to make it less stressful and more productive for everyone. For more information, contact a company like Integrity Moving.